Our products were created in order to promote our brand and message, as well as start tough conversations around disability. Together we hope to create more disability awareness and break down stereotypes. All proceeds go directly back into more products and Tru Faces projects.

Products include t-shirts, hoodies, hats, stickers and lanyards.

We are excited to introduce our new Shopify e-commerce platform to give our shoppers the most convent shopping experience.

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"Tru Faces as a whole represents a diverse community of people who have different disabilities and how we all overcome them. The shirts make me feel a sense of togetherness among such strong people. We all may be going through different challenges but with the shirts it shows were all overcoming life together." - Alicia

"It's so soft! To me, the shirt shows that you should be inclusive of everybody, no matter their abilities." - Miranda

"The Tru Faces shirts do a great job of representing the disabled community. The positive and inclusive message that the shirt represents is one that I am proud to represent while wearing it." -  Campbell

"The t-shirt represents that, whether you have a disability or not, you have the ability to do anything you want to accomplish. It just may take more time or accommodations." - Cassie

"I love the design of the t-shirts. They are amazing and represent that everyone who has a disability can do anything, which I love." - Maddy

“The Tru faces shirts are a piece of inclusive fashion that allows those with a disability that we are not held back by anything. Tru Faces shirts allows us to bring awareness that it is not our disabilities that count, it is our abilities. When I wear my shirt, I feel proud and a part of a supportive community that is accepting of everyone.” – Emma Van Dyk

“I wear my Tru Faces shirt with pride. It not only represents the wonderful community I am so grateful to be a part of, but it also prompts people to ask important questions which raises awareness. Overall, the shirts are so soft and comfy, and they look pretty awesome with any outfit. Truly a special must have!” – Taylor

“I absolutely love my Tru Faces shirt!!! I wear it with pride and love. Everyone deserves a voice no matter what your ability is. I am so proud to wear it!” – Karen

“I absolutely love the shirt! For me, it means having a place in advocating for someone living with a disability.” – Jalynn

“Having this shirt makes me feel so happy, because, for me, this shirt represents my ability, not my disability. It shows everyone around me that people with disabilities have so many abilities and things they can do.” - Cyndie