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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us. Your commitment to accessibility and equity is greatly appreciated. In this package you will find everything you need to know about our organization and the services we offer. If you have any questions, please reach out at 

Sessions We Offer

Introduction to Disability:  An introduction to Tru Faces, our mission, programs, and how to get involved. You’ll hear stories of lived experiences, as well as general disability knowledge, etiquette, commonly asked questions and fun facts. We will also conduct an Ask Me Anything where participants can anonymously ask any questions they may have wondered about.

Supporting People with Disabilities – Misconceptions and Etiquette: Learn how to support those around you with disabilities through stories of lived experience from people with disabilities. A total of 8 misconceptions will be broken down as we define “disability” both visible and invisible.

Roundtable Discussion with Ambassadors: Tru Faces ambassadors with varying disabilities will share their own experiences and answer questions. Through small group discussions, participants will speak with each ambassador and get to know them on a personal level.

Job Seeking for People with Disabilities: An informative session where we will discuss how to be your best advocate and nail your next job search. Topics include disclosing, resumes and cover letters, as well as disability rights and responsibilities of employees and employers.

Accessibility Today: What Does it Really Mean?: This session focuses on providing tangible ways to make events and activities more accessible to those with disabilities. It uses lived experiences as well as reflection on your own practices to help you gain better insight.

Invisible vs Visible Disabilities: Explore the differences and similarities of disability by focusing on the lived experiences of people with both visible and invisible disabilities. As we compare and contrast these two types, we will also include how to support individuals with both types of disabilities.

mpact Training – Blindness Specific: Gain hands-on tangible skills on how you students or employees can support an individual who is blind or visually impaired. Learn skills like sighted guide, addressing the speaker, descriptive language and more!

Goalball Sessions: Goalball is a Paralympic sport for blind athletes. In a gym or large space setting, participants can have the opportunity to learn what goalball is, how to play, and have the opportunity to play themselves. Best for smaller groups. (*subject to location)

Education Booths: including braille, info about Tru Faces, try a cane, see a CCTV, goalball equipment, low vision gadgets, etc. *subject to location

Have a topic related to disability and inclusion not on this list? Email us at to create a session specific to your organization!

Why Book with Us

Through our programs, we have a wide variety of individuals with unique lived experiences. While their stories are all different, they are rooted in the same messaging, that people with disabilities are people first. By partnering with us, you are contributing to an accessible and inclusive space where people with disabilities are heard and valued. You are contributing to their wellbeing and allowing for education within your space.

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Please note our session pricing varies from session to session and is highly flexible to the needs of the organization. Please include your price range (even if volunteer), in your inquiry.

1-hour In-Person - $350

1-hour Virtual - $250

2-hour In Person - $450

2-hour Virtual - $350

2 1-hour Sessions In Person - $650

2 1-hour Sessions Virtual - $450

Past Events


“It was a pleasure collaborating with Emilee and Hannah from Tru Faces. As our main contact, Emilee was wonderful to work with – very professional, quick to respond and accommodating. Tru Faces hosted two informative and engaging webinars for Mohawk College alumni on job seeking for people with disabilities and dispelling common myths and misconceptions about people about disabilities. Thank you, Emilee and Hannah, for hosting these fantastic sessions benefiting Mohawk graduates.”

Lynn Matisz, Alumni Coordinator – Career & Professional Development

Lindsay Dyment, Alumni Coordinator – Career Transition & Development

Mohawk College

“Tru Faces was an immense asset to have both present and participate at CNIB’s 2022 Connecting the Dots conference. Emilee’s effervescent personality was truly infectious and shone through during two incredibly well-crafted presentations that were thought-provoking and left listeners feeling inspired and motivated. Tru Faces also contributed to our event swag bag, donating hundreds of lanyards. Our attendees appreciated seeing the talent in our community from entrepreneurs like Emilee. Thank you for volunteering your time, talent and merchandise to help make our annual conference a smashing success! We look forward to continued collaboration with Tru Faces.”

April Assenza, Head, Signature Events

CNIB National

“The Edmonton CNIB had the pleasure of having Tru Faces be our guest speakers during our youth leadership monthly session. Emilee and Hannah spoke about what Tru Faces is all about and how they are making an impact to educate people on what living with a disability is all about. They were a great example for our youth to learn that they not only can help their community, but that they can take their ideas and put them into action. Emilee was also able to chat about what it is like to be going to college with vision loss. This was really amazing for our youth to hear because many of them were considering going to post secondary in the next couple of years. Emilee did a great job to explain the challenges that she was able to overcome and how her experiences helped to empower her and continue to use her skills to advocate for herself and others with disabilities.”

Kara Aramini, Child and Youth Lead

CNIB Edmonton 

“Emilee Schevers came in to talk to a group of students at my school about invisible disabilities. She used dialogue specific language to get the point across, but also made meaningful connections with her audience. Her presentation was informative, inspiring, and intriguing. I recommend booking a time with Tru Faces to as a form if advocacy and meaningful conversation.”

Neil Adalja

Student, St. Michael’s College School

“Emilee delivered a powerful presentation at the Fighting Blindness Canada Young Leaders Summit that highlighted how she is making a positive impact as a young entrepreneur with vision loss. She is not only an accomplished public speaker but excels at moderating and mediating small group discussions on many topics including disability issues. Emilee speaks confidently and from the heart and it was a pleasure to work alongside her and learn more about her perspective.”

Morgan Ineson, Manager, Education

Fighting Blindness Canada